Product Benefits

Our dog treats are healthy and made from high-quality products of the meat production industry, harvested at USDS-inspected meat plants here in the U.S. Our pet treats are oven roasted for flavor and dried for preservation.

All of Our Jerky Treats:

Contain no soy, no wheat, no corn

Made from 100% real meat

High in protein

Pig Ears
Ingredients: Roasted pig ears
· All Natural, no preservatives or additives
· Massages gums and helps keep teeth clean
· Satisfies a dog's desire to chew
· Considered a short-term occupier (less than 15 minutes) for dogs over 20 lbs. and a mid- to long- term occupier for dogs less than 20 lbs.

Ingredients: Dried lamb lung
· All Natural, no preservatives or additives, contains no soy, which can cause gas
· Easy to portion ? An ideal training treat for obedience training or dog shows
· A proven taste that dogs love, most dogs will eat this treat
· Low in fat? A great snack that helps with your dog's weight

Buffalo Liver Jerky
Ingredients: Dried buffalo liver
· All natural, no preservatives or additives
· Nutritious ? high in protein, low in fat
· Massages gums and helps keep teeth clean
· A great tasting treat dogs love · Perfect for use as a training reward
· Softer ? a good treat choice for older dogs


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